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Soaking it in

It’s August. Everyone, including me, is wondering where the summer has gone. It’s been a glorious summer, weather-wise. Rain at just the right times. Not an excessive amount of heat and humidity. And I have been doing my best to … Continue reading

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Chicks are here!

175 Red Rangers from Hoovers Hatchery. It never seems like there’s that many in there. I feel like such a hillbilly raising chicks in the garage attached to our house. But then again, when the weather’s as cold and damp … Continue reading

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Getting promoted

Rafe turns 8 next month, and in anticipation has entered into negotiations for a raise in his allowance. After explaining that a raise would have to be precipitated by a corresponding raise in responsibilities, he hand-washed the dishes, pots & … Continue reading

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Jan 22

Rafe’s first win… It was one of those times when third place feels just like first. 1 year ago: There’s nothing like hoarfrost

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Jan 20

Lately all I want to do is hibernate.

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Jan 10

Pigs in snow Church, nursing home, shopping with the girls. Why do I let myself stay up and watch a scary movie right before bedtime?

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Hot chocolate on the stove has become a daily ritual over Christmas break. I think it needs to continue. Preferably with salty, buttery popcorn right before bedtime.

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Apparently I lack some sort of tidiness gene. But the pizzas were really good.

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Roast chicken in wine & broth I’d forgotten how I’d drooled over my sister-in-law’s Le Creuset roasting pan when we visited last Christmas…until I opened their gift to me this Christmas morning. Somehow, cooking it in a beautiful, fancypants pan … Continue reading

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Round 2

I hate this time of year, with regards to feeling like you have to don a Haz-Mat suit whenever you go out in public for fear of catching the flu. Both girls woke up in the wee hours of the … Continue reading

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