Jan 22

Rafe’s first win…

It was one of those times when third place feels just like first.

1 year ago:

There’s nothing like hoarfrost

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7 Responses to Jan 22

  1. YEAH!!! Way to go Rafe!Kris

  2. The hardest part of wresting is being the spectator – I watched my husband wrestle all through college and my son through grade school and high school. It's the hardest sport in the world to watch because you're special someone is out there all alone!

  3. Yes, it is so hard to watch! But if I say, "Maybe you'd like to try basketball?" He replies, "No, Mom, I'm a wrestler!" Although after watching his sister play basketball all day Saturday, now he thinks he would like to try basketball, but he still wants to wrestle, too.

  4. Hey there. We are going to be out by you (I think) the middle of March!. Going to get a puppy south of Minneapolis. How far are you from Belle Plaine MN?Kris

  5. Hi Kris – never heard of Belle Plaine, but according to Mapquest we're about 150 miles. What kind of puppy is bringing you all the way to Minnesota?

  6. A german wirehair pointer – a bird dog. Todd lost his bird dog a few weeks ago to old age, and we lost our house dog last February….so we are bringing home another one! Not sure why we couldn't find one closer to us but……there you have it. I think we are driving out 80? 90? into Iowa and then heading north……Kris

  7. Well I can relate to traveling to get a dog…we did the same thing when we got our last Pyr pup!

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