Roast chicken in wine & broth

I’d forgotten how I’d drooled over my sister-in-law’s Le Creuset roasting pan when we visited last Christmas…until I opened their gift to me this Christmas morning.

Somehow, cooking it in a beautiful, fancypants pan makes even plain roast chicken highbrow. (Thank you, Rick & Sandy!)

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  1. Jen says:

    wow, total score! Congrats on the new dish AND having relatives who know what you like…

  2. Ha ha, thanks Jen! I know, right?!? I am blessed in the in-law department 🙂

  3. bree says:

    Gorgeous! I got a 5.5 Qt. LeCreuset Dutch Oven (in black Onyx) from my mother for my 6th anniversary this year (Iron anniversary!) and I made Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic in it as soon as I got it open and washed… made me feel like a fancy French chef… Yours is gorgeous as well, its going to last for generations!! Congrats!

  4. Julie says:

    That roast chicken looks delish!!!

  5. bree – then I watched the movie Julie & Julia last night and now have to speak with a wretched French accent when cooking with my new pot ;)Julie – thank you! It was a recipe from the December issue of Everyday Food. Simple & tasty, I recommend it!

  6. bree says:

    Oh my gosh, now I HAVE to see that movie!!! I LOVE pretending to be Julia Child when I cook… I'm a total freak of nature with the accent!

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