Jan 10

Pigs in snow

Church, nursing home, shopping with the girls. Why do I let myself stay up and watch a scary movie right before bedtime?

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5 Responses to Jan 10

  1. Patti says:

    Looks like they are growing well.So much hardier than confinement hogs!~!

  2. Love the pigs – although it looks cold! We are supposed to get up to mid 30's by the end of the week – I cannot wait!Kris

  3. Patti – & these litters are even much hardier than the last ones. Same mama's, but bred back to our Berk boar. Really impressive pigs so far!Kris – it was 15 here today & it felt like spring!

  4. DennisP says:

    Why do I stay up late to watch a silly movie…? I've wondered that many times (about myself) over the years! Hope y'all can get the economics straightened out. I read your blog fairly often but comment very little. I hate the thought of good people leaving the land. Best wishes to you…

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