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Kids and blogging

Those of you who have been with me a long time know that I used to blog a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And I’ve written before (also here) about how or why I just sort of tapered off. … Continue reading

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Everyday Miracles

No matter what species it is or how many times it happens, the birth of a baby is always a miraculous thing. This morning Matt told me to watch a certain heifer that was standing off from the rest of … Continue reading

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Round 2

I hate this time of year, with regards to feeling like you have to don a Haz-Mat suit whenever you go out in public for fear of catching the flu. Both girls woke up in the wee hours of the … Continue reading

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My Buns are Burning

Awhile back I bought Goldbond’s Triple Action Lotion. *MOISTURIZES EXTRA DRY SKIN * RELIEVES ITCHY SKIN * PROTECTS, COOLS & SOOTHES WITH ALOE & VITAMIN E * Sounds great, doesn’t it? Poor Rafe has been suffering from some nasty eczema … Continue reading

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My BWD – Big White Dog. Our second Great Pyrenees, Ike. He’s almost a year old in this picture. In the afternoons he stations himself in the hallway outside my office. If I go downstairs to the bathroom he follows … Continue reading

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There is something living in our house. Every so often I’ll be awakened by the sound of something gnawing on what sounds like wood in our closet. I get up and stomp my feet and bang doors to frighten it … Continue reading

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Chicken Therapy

I’m convinced that if doctors handed out chickens instead of drugs there would be far less depression in the world. The winter blues usually start for me shortly after New Year’s and can last all the way into May. But … Continue reading

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Calving Season

Calving season has officially begun. Nope, nobody’s thrown a calf yet. But Matt has already started his vigil. “I think Mrs. Hamilton might be close”, he said last night. I just gave him a look, and reminded him how many … Continue reading

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Back in School

I started my Agricultural Entrepreneurs class at ISU today. So exciting! It’s just inspiring to be around like-minded people who are doing the things you’re doing and are finding success at it. Not many around here, and sometimes I start … Continue reading

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2004 Recap

Earlier this year I had started a journal to document the ups and downs of our little farm. Turned out to be a lot of downs. And one of the last ones is that my hard drive crashed and I … Continue reading

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