Hot chocolate on the stove has become a daily ritual over Christmas break. I think it needs to continue. Preferably with salty, buttery popcorn right before bedtime.

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2 Responses to Ritual

  1. Christy says:

    That is a good ritual. I need to get milk, then I will start this ritual.

  2. Christy – I've made it so many times now I can rattle off the recipe:3 T sugar4 T cocoa powder1-1/2 cups mini marshmallows4 cups milkHeat on stove, stirring until markshmallows are melted. (Don't boil.) Add 1 t. vanilla if you want, but I always forget! Makes 4 servings.When it's just me at home I use another (probably slightly healthier recipe):1 T sugar2 T cocoa powder2 T waterWhisk together over low heat, then add 1 cup milk and heat through without boiling. Makes 1 serving.

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