Chicks are here!

175 Red Rangers from Hoovers Hatchery. It never seems like there’s that many in there.

I feel like such a hillbilly raising chicks in the garage attached to our house. But then again, when the weather’s as cold and damp as it’s been the last couple of days, I’m glad to have them in a building with a heated floor. The garage has its own thermostat so I can keep it just right for chicks in there. I’ve got it set to 60 degrees, plus 3 heat lamps going.

Titus is interested, but so far not too interested (thank goodness.)

They’re so cute when they fall asleep standing up!

My favorites are the ones with chipmunk stripes.

Titus settled into his guard duties right away. At the end of the day I had to bribe him out of the garage. But it may be a different story when they’re out on pasture where they can be chased. He’s still very much a puppy, and lately finds it fun to chase the few laying hens we have. He likes to chase the cat, too, but more than once I’ve looked out and caught them curled up with each other on the porch. Hopefully he’ll be as cuddly with the chickens as Ike was.

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