Ava :: April 2006 – August 2017

Our Ava passed away yesterday in one of her favorite spots… in the garage in front of the open back door, where she could catch a breeze and keep an eye on the pasture to the west and the driveway to the east.

She’d slowed down to a senior dog pace the last few years, but still made sure Titus remembered she was boss. Even though she couldn’t chase after him anymore, she would stand on the porch and bark at him, making him run circles around her.

She was the best farm dog, always keeping an eye on things. She never barked for no reason, so if I heard her barking I knew that someone had come in the driveway, or a cow, pig or chicken was not where it was supposed to be. I loved that her mere presence was intimidating to strangers and prevented most from exiting their car until one of us came to the door, but in reality she was just a big welcome wagon. There was never a vicious bone in her body.

She was actually Madeline’s dog. She picked Ava out as a puppy in hopes of training her in obedience and agility. They did one summer of that thru 4-H, but it worried Ava so to be away from the farm.  Show dog life was not for her. She just wanted to be at home with her little herd. 

In tribute, here are some of my favorite Ava photos and blog posts (click on the blue links) from the past 11 years…

With no sheep on this farm to herd, Ava takes work wherever she can find it.

Madeline & Ava, 3 months

Olivia & Ava

Rafe & Ava

Ava & Titus making sure the front porch is secure

Today Ava is napping on Rafe’s new beanbag. Ahem.

Ava lives to herd pigs. Sometimes she’s more helpful than others. Pig herder

Ava, on the job. Worry

Cow dog in training

Ava surely loves her pigs. Pig love.

5 minutes in the life of a dog

Winter pig chores


Ava stops eating snow long enough to pose for me

We tried to include Ike & Ava in the Christmas card pic, lol

Madeline & Ava.

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