Beef Quarters for Sale

We are now taking orders for November 2019 and Spring 2020 grass fed beef quarters!

Deadline for ordering for November or Spring is November 1, 2019.

Download an order form here.

Price for November is $3.60/# on the hanging weight.
Price for Spring is $4.00/# on the hanging weight.

Beef quarters hang 2 to 3 weeks (your choice). Processing will be by County Line Locker, Riceville. Last year processing for a standard set of cuts was around 95 cents/# on the hanging weight.

To give you an idea of total cost on a 150# quarter:

150# @ $3.60 = $540 in the meat
150# @ $0.95 = $142.50 in the processing

Total of $682.50.

Take-home packaged weight is around 105# (depending on what cuts you have done).

$682.50 / 105# = $6.50/#

Our ground beef price is $6.75/#, so by purchasing a quarter you get all of your steaks, roasts, etc. for less than the price of ground beef!

Of course, these are sample numbers only. Your actual processing costs and take-home packaged weight will vary, depending on the actual hanging weight and what cuts you have done.

For more information on what options you have for processing, please see this guide from Iowa State University Extension.

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  1. Sarah Innis says:

    We would like a beef quarter.

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