Sometimes there’s a cat curled up there with her

Ava’s use of the wicker loveseat has rendered it useless for human seating. To be fair, the chickens had already started the disintegration by pooping all over it in the girls’ corncrib “club house”. So I’m trying to convince my dad that his new hobby should be building me porch furniture. Dog-proof porch furniture.

Ava has really grown since this picture!

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4 Responses to Naptime

  1. karl says:

    what is that curious looking wire thing past the dog *just above her head*?

  2. kmms says:

    Looks like a wire rooster flower pot or something.

  3. Mama Koch says:

    Looks pretty comfortable to me.

  4. kmms is right – it is indeed a wire rooster flower pot 🙂

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