My Buns are Burning

Awhile back I bought Goldbond’s Triple Action Lotion. *MOISTURIZES EXTRA DRY SKIN * RELIEVES ITCHY SKIN * PROTECTS, COOLS & SOOTHES WITH ALOE & VITAMIN E * Sounds great, doesn’t it? Poor Rafe has been suffering from some nasty eczema on the backs of his legs this winter. I’m thinking this stuff will really help him. I rub it on him. He screams.

Turns out this stuff also packs a very Ben Gay-esque burn, as I found out when I applied it to my own very dry derriere. Oops.

Being one who hates to be wasteful, I’ve been using it anyway. I won’t use it in the morning because I don’t want to walk around all day smelling like that. If I put it on at night I can shower it off in the morning. Only it’s quite unsexy, I’m sure, to climb into bed with a 34-year-old who smells twice her age.

Woke up night before last to the sound of Rafe throwing up in his crib. When I think about it, this is the first time he’s ever been sick like that. It freaked him out and he was crying and screaming, “Hold me! Hold me!”, like he’d had a nightmare. I’m thinking “Hello, flu. We’ve been expecting you”.

Turns out, though, that it wasn’t the flu. He only threw up the once, then stayed up for the next 4 hours watching videos as Matt and I drifted in and out of consciousness, finally slept a few hours, and was up and at ’em and back to his normal self the rest of the day. My theory is that it was sour milk. He has a habit of leaving sippy cups in out-of-the-way places, finding them three days later, and then finishing them off. Gross, I know. I won’t even tell you other things he likes to eat.

Matt took the day off to stay home with Rafe, so they set up the toddler bed in Rafe’s new room and dismantled the crib. I’ve been saying, “Get this kid out of our room!” for months now, but still I’m a little bit sad. Going from crib to big-boy bed is one more milestone on the road that’s going to take him into adulthood and me into old ladyhood. Mr. Unsentimental said, “We should sell the crib.” Not until you have that vasectomy scheduled, buddy. As much as Matt likes to talk about being done having babies, he’s all talk and no action. Anyway I’m keeping it for when we have grandbabies come to stay.

And in hours the weekend will be here. Hooray! Mom & Dad are keeping the kids tonight and tomorrow (thank you!) so that Matt can go to class with me tomorrow. Looking forward to having 4 hours alone together in the car and lunch out!

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