My BWD – Big White Dog. Our second Great Pyrenees, Ike. He’s almost a year old in this picture.

In the afternoons he stations himself in the hallway outside my office. If I go downstairs to the bathroom he follows me and stations himself outside the bathroom door with a big sigh that says, “If you would just stay in one place my job would be so much easier.”

I’m not sure, though, what he thinks his job is. The other day someone knocked at the door, and I had to step over his sleeping body to get there. Good thing it wasn’t a landshark.

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4 Responses to BWD

  1. LinB says:

    I just found your blog, by way of Rurality, by way of Fragments from Floyd. And was delighted to see your Great Pyrenees. Our Pyr died last summer, and I miss his big old sweet self so much. It’s a thrill any time I see one.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. When our first Pyr died I cried for days. I watch the Kennel Club shows just to see the Pyrenees. They’re just such a wonderful breed. Except for the wandering off. I could live without that.

  3. Joel says:

    Hi there, Stumbled on your blog while doing some research on Pyrenees. We adopted what we thought was a lab, but we think he’s got some Pyr in him. Would it be possible, with your trained eye, to give me your assessment? Recent pictures are on his blog over at They were taken last week–he’s a year and a month old. Thanks so much and I think Ike’s just beautiful. Best,Joel Richman (A.J.’s Dad)

  4. sjm55 says:

    I came across your site via a search engine. When it opened up and there was that beautiful dog, I smiled. Then when I read your piece on him and ended with the “landshark” story, I laughed out loud. Thanks for that Sunday smile.

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