Calving Season

Calving season has officially begun. Nope, nobody’s thrown a calf yet. But Matt has already started his vigil. “I think Mrs. Hamilton might be close”, he said last night. I just gave him a look, and reminded him how many times he said that last year. Nevertheless, he was outside at 3 a.m. checking on things. When I got up this morning he said, “Look outside.” I looked and saw some cows standing around the bale ring eating hay, and a couple of others just standing around over by the old bale.

“I don’t see anything.”

He looks again with the binoculars.

“Oh. I guess she was just going to the bathroom.”

I don’t remember him being this anticipatory during any of my pregnancies. I don’t remember him observing me for signs of labor, checking on me at 3 a.m., or asking if my water had broke every time I used the toilet.

Calving season has begun, with or without a calf.

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