Free rangers in training

I’ve got some seeds started in the basement this year. The brassicas I start 2 seeds to a pot and then clip one seedling out if they both germinate. These fresh, tender little greens are perfect for introducing the chicks to foraging before they get moved to pasture.

The first time I toss some baby plants in the pen the chicks aren’t sure what to think. They very cautiously check out the alien being that has just fallen from the sky.

Soon more chicks gather round. So curious!

Finally one brave chick picks up a piece of green.

And the race is on! Once one chick has something, the rest of them want it. The have nots chase the have around the pen trying to get him to drop it. That little piece of green will typically change hands – er, beaks – several times before one victorious chick finally eats it.

Very entertaining!

4 years ago:

Spring piggers

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