Spring piggers

Our spring piglets are here! One sow had 12, and one had 14. I think they each still have 10 at this point, which are really good numbers considering we farrow outdoors in large huts with no heat lamps. Good, good mama’s!

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4 Responses to Spring piggers

  1. Kris Bair says:

    I want that tri colored spotted one with the black bands at the top of his legs in the second picture! lol…..I still pick pigs (and steers) based on color…..they look awesome! You have some great momma pigs

    • Kelli says:

      You got it, Kris! You can come pick him up in another month 🙂

      Every year older they get we keep talking about saving back some gilts and getting rid of these mama’s… but they raise such nice litters we just can’t do it yet!

  2. For some reason the comment box isn’t working on the Red-wing blackbird/poetry post. My favorite Iowa poet is Michael Carey- he has a great sensitivity to the reality of and natural interaction of the land and people.

    • Kelli says:

      Thanks Mark! I will definitely check him out. (I had to turn off comments in older posts because I was getting so many spam comments)

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