Watchin’ out for me

The hens are getting a little too free-rangey with their free-ranginess & have taken to helping themselves to the brooder chicks’ buffet

It’s good to know my middle daughter is watching out for me. This morning I went out to feed the broiler chicks in the pasture. About the time I got done my cell phone rang.

Me: Hello?

Olivia: Where are you?

Me: I was feeding the broiler chicks. I’m just heading back to the house. Why?

Olivia: It doesn’t usually take you that long to do chores. I thought maybe you got hurt.

Me: How would I get hurt doing chicken chores?!?

Olivia: Um, it’s happened before.

Me: Oh right, good point.

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3 Responses to Watchin’ out for me

  1. Trish says:

    Whew! I thought I was the only person who could get hurt while tending to their chickens :)Kids are GREAT!!

  2. Too funny. Glad she is looking out for you though.Kris

  3. Conny says:

    When I first opened the page, all I could see was the chicken walking atop the fence. I giggled because I thought you were about to write about the Chicken Gymnastics team – a new competitive sport at your farm. Waiting still for the dismount – a back flip, and wings raised in the air.Thought I'd share that bit of silliness from me. I think I should go get yet another cup of coffee. :>)

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