I hurt myself farming today in a real clutzy move. Anyone that knows me in person would probably tell you I’m a stick girl. Not much muscle on these bones. So there I was bright and early this morning, trying to muscle a 50-pound bag of feed over a fence of 4-foot-tall electric poultry netting. Foot catches in the netting, I go down hard, right on my tailbone.

I lay (lie, lied, layed? I can never remember the correct one to use) there a few minutes, covered in chicken poo, simultaneously crying and trying to catch my breath. (It’s funny now.) I finally managed to get to my feet and go about feeding and watering the birds.

When I got back to the house I called Matt at work and asked him if it’s possible to break your tailbone. Then I started feeling like I was going to pass out. So he came home, got Rafe up, dressed, fed, and took him to the babysitter. Then he came back to stay with me while I showered.

So I’m moving pretty slow yet, but feeling better. It mainly just hurts when I stand up, sit down, bend over, or sneeze. I worked all day, and I’m thinking the client that I programmed a report for owes me a drink for doing so under such duress 🙂

So my dad, to the rescue again. He came over after work and helped Matt & the kids load the broiler chickens in the trailer. Then the girls helped us bring all the ripe tomatoes into the garage. We covered the eggplants, too. We’ll be getting down around freezing tonight.

Have to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to deliver chickens to the processor. I’m not even going to tell you my death loss percentage yet, don’t want to jinx anything before they’re in the cones.

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  1. I did something like that too. I stepped off the tractor right into a gopher hole turned my ankle, and fell right into a briar patch. I layed there for a while and made sure my ankle wasn’t broken, but then thought of how would I get back if it was. I’ll tell you, its kinda scary. I was in the back portion of our woodlot and it would have taken someone a while to find me, and they probably wouldn’t have started until after dark! It sure does make you think about things…….

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