Stock up!

Stock? Get it?

It’s that time of year, time to start thinking about stocking up for winter. Buying “on-the-hoof” is the least expensive way to fill your freezer with delicious naturally-raised meats. Here’s what we still have available for your freezer:

* Beef quarters will be available in November or December. It usually takes 2 or 3 quarters of beef to get our family of 5 through a year.

* Our August pork is sold out, but the first of our new genetics will be ready for October. We usually keep 2 whole hogs a year for ourselves.

* We have chickens available to reserve for both September and October. That makes 8 chickenless months until the first batch of 2010 is ready. I usually keep at least 2 chickens per month for ourselves (i.e. 16 chickens in the freezer to get us through winter.)

Of course we have only so many animals, many are already spoken for, & we save a certain number for farmers markets. So if you’d like to get on the reserved list just email and I’ll get you pricing info.

If you need some help with buying your meat this way, there’s a wonderful new publication from Iowa State University: Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide It’s available for purchase as a spiral-bound booklet or you can download the PDF file for free!

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2 Responses to Stock up!

  1. Tiberia says:

    You have some seriously healthy looking stock there! 🙂

  2. karl says:

    our freezer store this year is; half of a beef, two hogs and forty eight chickens. tristan, at seven eats as much as i do and i am a hearty eater. neither of us are over weight. i am frightened for our future when three large boys sit at our table. yikes…

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