Why is it

that our fall farrowings go better than our spring farrowings? Friday night, with a low somewhere about 31 degrees, one sow farrowed and has a nice litter of 6.

However the other sow seemed to be in standing heat this morning…which means that we’ve fed her for all these months…for nothing. My brother’s going to come and preg check her this week.

These sows are going, as soon as the piglets are weaned! We’ll start again with completely different gilts.

3 years ago:

The boy, he likes honey

We must eat them to save them


2 years ago:


Fret, fretted, will fret

Survey says…

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3 Responses to Why is it

  1. Uuuummmmmm…..because they are cool weather sows? That would be a bummer if your other one wasn’t preggo!Kris

  2. Gah! What an…er…unattractive view of that sow’s back end! :PCute piglets, though.Will you be getting a different breed of sows next time?~Lisa

  3. farm mom says:

    I’m curious too. What nmade you decide to go with different gilts? Will you be going for a completely different breed?

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