Sorry for the sporadic posting around here, but there’s been a lot of this…

Olivia on the right with the ball

and a lot of this…

Madeline in the middle, on defense

The girls, they love their sports. And I love that concession stand popcorn.

Today was Madeline’s last game. Olivia’s got a couple of months hiatus before her last tournament. So regular posting may resume.

Or not…winter volleyball league started Sunday 🙂

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2 Responses to Sporadic

  1. I miss those days! Today my daughter is going to a basketball to watch her friends play but I do miss the excitement of seeing her play. You’re kids are doing excellent.

  2. Those days look like fun – I can’t wait until the kids are old enough to do more sports. Although right now, soccer keeps us busy in the fall and spring….Kris

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