Same story, different day

Every day this week.

Snow. Wind. Cold. School started late, or let out early, or cancelled.

Repeat tomorrow, except colder. Actual temperatures of 25 below, wind chills of 50 below in the morning.

Heck of a day to bring home 50 day-old chicks, but what are you gonna do?

1 year ago:

On the farm 01.14.08

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5 Responses to Same story, different day

  1. frugalmom says:

    Yeah, thats just like us. Except we arent getting 50 chicks…oh…and our temps will only be at about 30 below with the windchill. Stll pretty darn cold in my book.Stay warm!

  2. Sounds familiar – the kids don’t have school – and I really had to think hard about coming into work. And we have weigh in’s for 4-H steers on Saturday. So we give them the nasalgen vaccine last night – now if they cancel the weigh ins, we have to do it AGAIN next week. Ugh.Kris

  3. Patti says:

    Praise the Lord you have a heated floor in your “chick nursery”. We went and got 25 sm bales corn straw and deep bedded the goats, geese,ducks, turkeys and chickens. Everyone was alive this am and hungry! Our vehicles are not so happy. We need to get the semi warmed up by tomorrow morning so Eric can go to work. I thinking about doing a photo contest for ladies dressed in their “outside” gear..:) Waddyathink??

  4. Awwl, I hope the chickies will be fine. And I’m complaining about our weather!

  5. Looks very cold, but also very pretty, too. I like this shot with the rusty rooster, too.Stunning!~Lisa

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