Pete & Repeat

2 cute little heifers, that look a lot alike! Fortunately one wears white socks so that I can tell them apart.

4 years ago:

Holy Moly

Virginia Bluebells

3 years ago:

The baby parade continues

2 years ago:


Cow hip lifter

Seeing double

1 year ago:

Are you my mother?



Little Peep

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2 Responses to Pete & Repeat

  1. Jeannelle says:

    Cute pair! On my drive to Vinton yesterday I saw many small herds of beef cattle in pastures. That’s nice to see, as most everything around where I live is crops. The land is different in different areas, of course.

  2. The Girl says:

    They are so beautiful, so full of hope and adventure. I wish them long and happy lives.

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