Making lemonade

So it’s winter. Snow, bitter cold, yada yada yada. But little boys seem to be pretty good at making lemonade out of lemons…

tunnels out of snow drifts…

fortress walls out of snow blocks…

camouflage out of Christmas tree branches…

1 year ago:

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5 Responses to Making lemonade

  1. I hope we don't end up with that much snow out of this storm! But at least it gives the kids something to do, right?Kris

  2. Patti says:

    I loved raising lil boys!!

  3. Kris – yep, glad they can enjoy it! Needs to warm up enough that they can sled, though!Patti – I could lend him to you 😉

  4. karl says:

    i grew up doing that kind of stuff. one year i had a huge complex of rooms in the adjoining piles of snow next to the driveway.sometimes i miss that for my kids, mostly not though.

  5. karl – I would miss snow, and snow days, and good sledding. Then again I don't have to deal with the moving of all that snow, Matt does! But he does prefer winter to summer, because of his job.

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