We’ve got a nice crop of kittens this summer

As I slide back into this space, I wanted to share with you who’s inspiring me right now…

I love Tara’s photos, and how her posts feel like it’s just me & her chatting over coffee

{my topography}
I’ve long admired both Christina’s writing and her art, and how she makes time for both amid a full & busy life. So happy for her & her forthcoming book!

Another I’ve long admired. Amanda is full of grace and creativity. I’m enjoying their adventures in setting up their new homestead.

So happy that it’s August and these gals are back online! Whenever I’m at a loss for words I follow their lead, take a picture, and try to capture the essence of my day (or some moment of it) in 36 words or less. Very therapeutic.

What’s inspiring you these days?

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4 Responses to Inspiration

  1. patti van deusen says:

    Nice kitty. What some more? I have 3 nice nutered boys looking for a home. No kittens from them gaurenteed ­čśë

  2. Kelli says:

    Oh, no thanks! We have 3 more that match this one, plus another litter of 4. I think we’ve reached our quota, haha!

  3. Alysha says:

    What a cute kitten. We have also cats and it looks like yours.They have the same color.Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  4. Cute kitty. We don’t have a cats at home because my mom hate’s it. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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