Easter hams & a cookbook review

If you need ham for your Easter dinner this weekend, we have half a dozen for sale here at the farm! Real hams, not pressed processed ham product. So tasty!

Ham with roasted cabbage – yum!

Have you seen Jamie Oliver’s new show? It’s on Friday nights on ABC. So far we’ve watched the first hour of the premiere and have the second hour taped.

Over the weekend I picked up his Food Revolution cookbook. The picture above is my preparation of Jamie’s (yes, we’re on a first name basis) recipe for roasted vegetables from the book. They were so simple to prepare and tasted amazing! Madeline was literally snatching parsnips right off Matt’s plate 🙂 There’s a wide range of meat, fish, vegetable, pasta, breakfast and dessert recipes. All of them look delicious and totally doable. Plus the photography and design are beautiful. 5 stars!

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  1. that looks yummy. i missed it last weekend, and really need to look and see what channel it's on – i'd love to watch it.kris

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