We loaded up 2 fat cattle that hadn’t sold, and 2 of our bred mama cows and took them to the sale barn tonight.

“Downsizing”, “rightsizing”, “reengineering”…call it what you will. It’s just hard to let go.

1 year ago:


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4 Responses to Downsized

  1. We have gotten rid of about 7 older cows over the last two years, now we are down to 6 cows that are all 2-5 years old. But I do miss some of our old ones (and some I was so glad to see the go:))Kris

  2. Patti says:

    I understand. I still miss my goats

  3. Kris – these were 2 of our favorite mama cows…"Good old 68" was the very first cow to calve here, and she regularly had twins. "Pretty Girl" was Matt's personal favorite, his very first Hereford.Patti – thanks 🙂

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