Ag Speedlinking: 02.05.08

Women’s land rights and peace in the family

“…sharing of land with women has lead to increased welfare for the family in terms of food security, nutrition of children and a more efficient agriculture and sustainable use of land. The irrefutable facts are that these women spend a greater share of their earnings on family welfare, balance food needs with cash crops and hold the key to conservation of seeds and biomass.”

An interesting piece out of India on a relatively recent amendment allowing daughters and widows to share in ownership and management of ancestral agricultural land.


Pick your ticket: How the presidential candidates view agriculture

“[I]t seems like an eternity since the presidential candidates left Iowa and the cornfields that dictated much of their talk. Since then, candidates have mostly left agriculture off the campaign trail…”

A synapsis of each of the major candidate’s agriculture policy.


‘Fast Food Nation’ author talks agriculture, french fries before visit

“Eric Schlosser says he’s not out to dictate what you eat for dinner.”


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  1. Meg says:

    Oh, thanks for the “Pick Your Ticket” link! I haven’t seen that info all in one spot before … that confirmed what I thought everyone’s stance is, but it’s much nicer to read it all in one place.

  2. meg – I thought that was a real handy dandy page, too!

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