A little Valentine love

I don’t usually get that into Valentine’s Day decorating. Not because I’m morally opposed to it or anything. It has more to do with my lack of organization. Which explains why normally I’m taking down snowman decorations somewhere around May Day.

But this year I was hosting my Bunco gals the last week of January. Nothing like having a party to get things done around the house, right?

I’d been wanting to do one of these “flag” banners for the longest time. So I fished all of the cute pink & red papers out of my scrapbooking stash and came up with this:

I took down most of my snowmen & winter decorations, leaving just the things that were red + white.

And then there was this quick little project, another one I’d been wanting to do forever. Cut various sizes of hearts out of various colors of paper and simply stitch them together. I did several strings of these & hung them in the windows.

Now to think of something to replace them with in a couple of weeks for spring & Easter!

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  1. I have a grand total of 3 valentine's day decorations, I think. I love the hearts and the banner – very cute. But I'm wondering if spring is EVER going to come here – we are supposed to get more snow! Kris

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