Fair 2009

Another year of fair, over and gone already. It was a fun one! Beautiful weather, and with only pigs there to chore this year (no horse or cattle like last year), it was a lot less tiring. Both girls had projects considered for state, which was nice even though nothing ended up going. Here are just a few highlights:

Our county fair was a couple weeks later this year, which made it fall on Madeline’s birthday. So her friends decorated her pen in the swine barn :)

The girls sang a duet for Share-the-Fun this year. I forgot to bring Kleenex and was sorry. They were chosen as 1st Alternate to state.

Blue ribbon cookies

Madeline did pretty well with her pigs this year. It’s always interesting to see how her naturally-raised pigs stack up against the other pigs at fair. Her best placing was 6th in the Pen of 3 class.

And now the start of school is just around the corner. Summer goes by way too fast!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Our fair is September 11th, so we've got a little bit of time left, thankfully:)Kris

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