Red-winged blackbird

The laptop is on the blink (still), thus the lack of posts. I have a camera full of spring farm pictures I’m dying to download, but until then…

Did you know April is National Poetry Month? I’ve been reading my favorite poet, Mary Oliver, and finding some fantastic new-to-me poets at One of my favorites has been “I never seen such days as this”.

And in the spirit of Poetry Month, here’s one I wrote myself:

I learned the call
of the red-winged blackbird –

a single,
slightly trilled
half-note –

and another dimension
of the world
opened up to me.

Suddenly there was not just
the blackbird I could see,
but an entire population –

one in the bush,
one up in the tree,
one over in that hedgerow –

that I could see
only with my ear.

Who are your favorite poets?

1 year ago:


Spring is…

Prepare to swoon

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2 Responses to Red-winged blackbird

  1. Kris Bair says:

    ummmm….that is a tough one! But I’ll take the spring weather we’ve been having – it’s mid 70’s and reasonably sunny:) Hope you all are staying dry!

  2. Ted Brewster says:

    Ted Kooser, 13th poet-laureate of the U.S. and Iowa born. Elizabeth Bishop is also a favorite.

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