Right now

Things I’m doing right now:
* Getting ready to start another summer of farmers markets
* Getting ready for the end of the school year and the beginning of softball/baseball season
* Wondering if summer will ever arrive this year

Things I’m wishing for right now:
* To get back into some kind – any kind – of exercise habit
* To take this class
* To get into some kind – any kind – of writing habit

Things making me happy right now:
* The sound of lovesick spring frogs at the creek
* Feeding happy chickens in the pasture
* The boy, in chore boots, scrambling around on top of the hay bales until dark

1 year ago:

As promised

On my way to the chicken pen (& a farmers market update)

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One Response to Right now

  1. Anita says:

    The silhouette at the end is just perfect. What a wonderful album. Your entire blog is a treasure and I can only imagine how much your children will love it one of these days. I think of your son’s children or grandchildren one day looking at these pictures you posted today. Will he have to explain to them what those objects are he is playing on?

    I hope you will take up your virtual pen more frequently as I miss your posts. I love your letters from the family farm. It is truly a rare way of life and I miss it very much some days. I always miss the land–the difficulties, not so much.

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