Speaking of stocking up

I mentioned in my last post that ’tis the season to stock up for winter. Same goes for the livestock around here. Matt’s been piecemealing a stockpile of hay for the cattle for winter – alfalfa hay for the stocker calves, grass hay for the cows & bull. We’ve also got straw in the barn for winter hog bedding. Come fall we’ll also stock up on cornstalk bales for winter cattle bedding.

That rig in the picture doesn’t belong to us. Matt hires another farmer friend of his to help haul hay for us. At this point it doesn’t make sense for us to own a large flatbed (and the larger truck needed to pull it). Maybe someday…

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4 Responses to Speaking of stocking up

  1. Looks like you guys are getting ready. We’ve got way more hay than we need but…..never hurts to have more than enough. I love bedding the cows on cornstalk bales in the winter….Kris

  2. Haymaker says:

    City folk call it a "big pickup truck." Country folk distinguish themselves by calling it a "rig." Regarding stocking up, I'm seeing a lot of requests on the freecycle pages for sewing machines & patterns, garden stuff, canning gear, and other DIY ideas. It seems people are finding frugality is the new "in" thing.

  3. Jeannelle says:

    Great photo scene! Big round bales are always intriguing to me, for some reason. We had ’em sitting in the field last week and I wandered around out there taking pictures before they got hauled in. Now they’re all lined up and still interesting to look at!

  4. Twinville says:

    We need to get stocked up soon, too.Those round bales don’t evne looks like hay for some reason. Amaing. How heavy are they, as in how much in weight for the average round bale?Do you find it difficult to move it around the farm for the cows?

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