Come 'n get it (+ the "F" word)

Buff says, “You are not going to believe this one!”

Have I got a deal for you! This Saturday at the downtown Charles City farmers market they’ll be serving lunch. For TWO BUCKS – yes, you read that right, TWO BUCKS – you get a Sugar Creek Farm hamburger or bratwurst on a bun, a slice of melon, lemonade and dessert (a cookie, I think). I believe the melon and dessert, and possibly the bun, will also be from market vendors. I know! What a great deal, right?

The market runs from 9 a.m. to noon. I’m not sure what time they’ll start serving exactly, but come on down. There will also be a seed spitting contest – with prizes!

Now I hate to mention the “F” word – Fall – but with Labor Day upon us it’s time to start thinking about stocking the freezers for winter. So please get in touch if you’d like to reserve some chickens for September or October; one or more quarters of beef for November; or just some beef or pork cuts a la carte from our freezers here at the farm.

Email sugarcreekfarm (at) osage (dot) net

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4 Responses to Come 'n get it (+ the "F" word)

  1. Yes, fall is coming, and my freezers are FULL! Sounds like a yummy lunch though!Kris

  2. Lisa says:

    Come, come, now. You secrectly know that Fall is the BEST time of the year! LOL

  3. oooh I wish I lived closer!

  4. Twinville says:

    Wow! What a deal!! :)~Lisa

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