A peek at the chick brooder

I’ve shown it before but if anyone has any questions – about the brooder or any other aspect of our poultry operation – fire away and I’ll come back and answer :)

Next week Tuesday the birds currently on pasture go to the processor. And the very next day the birds in this photo will go out and take their place in the pasture. And I will get my garage back. Until it’s time for fair pigs again, anyway.

Hoo. Rah!

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3 Responses to A peek at the chick brooder

  1. Twinville says:

    This is a great brooder. Just one question, though. Do you ever have any troubles with chicks trying to fly and jump out?~Lisa

  2. Lisa – not with the broiler chicks. They aren’t that ambitious. I’ve never brooded layer breed chicks in this brooder. Hopefully I’m going to start some next year, so we’ll find out. I’d say it’s a definite possibility with them – will just have to keep the garage door closed, I guess!

  3. DJones says:

    I too brood in my garage….there is nothing like opening the door and being mobbed by hungry brioler chicks who have escaped there pen once again…..kinda creeps me out like velociraptors in jurassic park, but smaller. When they get out it is time for them to get out of my garage.

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