One of my mom’s best friends called me up one day to say she had bought a birthday present for Olivia and me (Olivia’s is in 2 weeks, mine in 2 months). The cutest little fluff balls of chickens I’d ever seen.

That was a Friday. That Sunday I came home from church to find cats dining on silkie chicken. I suspected one cat in particular, because she’s recently turned her nose up at the cat food we put out. Sure enough she picked off 2 more over the next day or two. I guess she could just tell they were the new chickens on the farm, because none of the cats bother any of our other chickens.

So now we have one little silkie left, and the cat has been re-homed to my parents’ farm.

And in other chicken news, the rooster is still alive. Still unable to walk, but alive. Not sure what’s going on with him, but I do my best to make him comfortable. Twice a day I take him a bowl of water and some chicken feed in a coffee cup. He eats and drinks, so I’m hoping he’ll make a recovery yet.

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  1. shannon says:

    Oh mama! That stinks :( Our silkies were so cute but they really don’t stave off predation very well – even our silkie roo got carried off this spring.

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