Fall To Do

As the days grow shorter my To Do list seems to grow longer.

We’re still desperately trying to get as much painting done as we can, but with lows dropping into the 40’s now some nights we’ll have to stop soon.

Olivia’s birthday is coming up next week, so there’s a slumber party to put together and present shopping to do. Speaking of shopping, all three kids really need some new fall/winter clothes. But with soccer on Saturday mornings, and the aforementioned painting blitz, I’m not sure when we’ll get any bought.

We still have plans to fence in the backyard for the dogs before the ground freezes.

I haven’t canned a single tomato, let alone salsa, yet. Next year I need to try and stay part-time with the day job through September.

We’ve got to get the chicken coop fancied up. There aren’t any roosts out there. Last winter the hens just slept on the floor. But over the summer they’ve been roosting on top of the chute wall Matt built through the corn crib. I’m hoping that by fixing up their digs they’ll start laying more eggs inside the coop.

And dare I even mention fall cleaning and window washing? By the time I finish with that it will be time to put Christmas decorations out.

Potatoes and onions haven’t been dug yet. I wanted to plant some spring flower bulbs around the house, but now doubt it will happen.

Didn’t really mean to turn this into a whine. I’m actually feeling very blessed to have a new porch to paint, to have food right outside the door for my family, to have livestock to care for. What are all of you feeling thankful for these days?

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3 Responses to Fall To Do

  1. pablo says:

    I’m thankful for the ability to ignore work lists like these. I probably have plenty of things to get done, but I can keep myself blissfully unaware of them indefinitely. Just reading your list tires me out!

  2. *grin* In some ways I welcome winter because the deep blanket of snow puts limits on what projects I can do. But as you note, between now and then there is so much to do! So the to-do list grows daily.Odd thing about tomatoes, we just barely started harvesting them. Normally we would have started in July and be done by now with the first killing frosts of early September if I didn’t manage to cover in time. But we didn’t start to see any red tomatoes until after September 1st this year and we still have not had a single frost. Not that I’m complaing about the latter mind you!Have fun with the pigs! We love raising ours. They are my favorite of our livestock.

  3. Fall To-Do? That’d be the Major Reconstruction or Effort list, and yep, it grows and grows.Daily ToDo’s, every morning about 5:30am with my morning coffee, when the house is quiet, before the sun is up & chores.Doesn’t it seem like that “down time” is always about “a month” away, year round? Especially with animals; Jersey bull calves (50) & hens (140).Thankful for: The help we’ve gotten from so many of our friends, neighbors, our church family.

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