So Much

So much going on this week. I’m leaving in the a.m., driving to Minneapolis to fly to Chicago. Roundabout, I know. All for my day job. Never been to Chicago, a little nervous about taking the train from the airport into downtown. I’ve got “farm girl” just stamped into my forehead.

And while I’m gone the first steer, Beetlejuice, will be going to the butcher as well as 2 of the hogs. So my dad’s been recruited to help sort and load in my place. And mom’s been recruited to be the kids’ chauffeur in my place. (Now I just need someone to come in and be the housecleaner in my place.) And on top of everything else, Matt’s on call for work this week.

I’ve lost my pretty rooster plus another hen today. Not sure what’s going on. I’d noticed in the last couple weeks that he wasn’t crowing anymore. And he was a non-stop crower, that one. He looked healthy, just depressed. No crowing, and his tail feathers were droopy. And then the last couple of days he’s become very weak and is just slowly wasting away. Same with the hen, except that I hadn’t noticed any hens acting depressed. Just found this one last night, also very weak and lying in the corn crib alley, and she is already dead. Anyone out there have an idea what might be going on? Marek’s? New Castle? Cocci? I’ve lost about a half dozen hens over the course of the summer this way. The rooster is the first I’ve lost out of this spring’s starts.

See ya when I get back!

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2 Responses to So Much

  1. Rurality says:

    Have fun in Chicago. I haven’t been there in a while but I liked it. Great museums, but I guess you won’t have time for that.Sorry about the chickens. Mine always just get eaten so I don’t know much about their illnesses.

  2. Zanne says:

    Chicago…Chicago???? You were coming to Chicago and you didn’t let me know???Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I would’ve…. I would’ve…shown you some midwestern hospitality. I would’ve ridden the train with you and dared anyone to make fun of a “country gal”. Hope everything went well, and I hope the people in Chicago were friendly. Otherwise, they’ll have to answer to me!!!!!!

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