June Garden

the garden, June 23rd

What a difference one month makes! In last month’s garden snapshot the only visible growing things were the strawberries along the fence, the sweet potato transplants mid-garden, and the lettuce bed a ways beyond that. Now the garden is a riot of colors – all shades of green, red strawberries, white pea blossoms, purple potato blossoms, yellow tomato, cuke & zuke blossoms.

And of course there’s the addition of a sit-and-spin, courtesy of Rafe. When your parents spend as much time out here as his do, you gotta have some form of entertainment.

This is by far the best looking garden we’ve ever had, thanks mostly to Matt and his daily dedication to weeding. Or in his own words, “It’s amazing what a whole lot of manual labor will get you.”

Not that I’ve been lolly-gagging about. I’ve been working at weeding last year’s perennial garden. Every time Matt passes me on his way to weed in the vegetable garden he remarks, “Can’t eat them flowers you know.” I reply, “Gotta feed the soul, too.”

But don’t you just love it when the words, “I take it back” come from your significant other’s mouth?

“I take it back, about the flowers. I read that they attract beneficial insects and pollinators.”

Had to put that one on the blog, for posterity’s sake.

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3 Responses to June Garden

  1. Patti says:

    Your garden is soooooo pretty!!! Your pork is sooooooo yummy 😉 My garden needs a mower and a weed whacker LOL

  2. Patti – glad you liked the pork!Lacy – thank you, I have to agree 🙂

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