pole beans reach for the sky

I said I was done. Dunzo. Finito. Finished. I’ve had my fill of planting for this year.

Well, there are exceptions. Like another sowing of lettuce. And spinach. And maybe peas, broccoli and cabbage.

But other than those, I am done.

Matt has other ideas. Saturday he picked up carrot seeds. 2 packages.

“Show me how to plant carrots?” he asked tonight.

I’m the wrong person to ask. I planted a 35-foot row of carrots. Not a single one germinated.

Not. One.

He’s on his own with this one.

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  1. Zanne says:

    Now you see why cultivators were invented. We drove past the John Deere homestead this weekend, but didn’t have time to stop. Good old John Deere.

  2. Cool beans . . . literally. I’ve never had much luck with carrots either. I guess you need some really sandy soil and we just don’t have that here.

  3. zanne – anything with the word “homestead” in it would be a fun destination to me!lisa – he made himself quite the raised bed for his carrots…will be interesting to see how he does 🙂

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