My little farmer

Rafe is remarkably self-entertaining out in the garden. You’d think he’d get sick of being out there with us, but we usually have to drag him in the house when it finally gets too dark to weed anymore. He loves to drive his pedal tractor up and down the rows. I’m thinking I need to find him a miniature plow and a miniature manure spreader and put him to work.

We’re off to Iowa City again tomorrow for another follow-up on Olivia’s ears. Oh darn, another stop at Reminisce.

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5 Responses to My little farmer

  1. Genie says:

    OK, he is WAY too cute. Bound to be a heartbreaker, especially if he’s got the gardening skills to boot! Have a safe trip to I.C. tomorrow — I hope the appointment goes well.GenieThe Inadvertent Gardener

  2. pablo says:

    Good luck with the doctor visit.If he were my little gardener, I’d get him a miniature brush hog and tell him to come back when he is hungry.

  3. Thanks, Genie – we made it home and the appt went very very well!Pablo – good idea, I’ll add brush hog to the list 🙂

  4. shannon says:

    LOL, The first thing I thought when I saw that pic was…hmmm, I wonder if that little tractor could pull a mini cultivator. Great minds think alike 🙂

  5. Shannon – I think little Gi is going to need one someday!

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