Farm Sale

Mother Nature sure enjoys toying with us mere mortals. Almost 40 degrees colder today than yesterday, with light snow and 30 mph winds. Great day to stand around outside and buy farm machinery. (Not!)

I wanted to take more pictures, but the other farmers were already looking at me funny enough just for being a girl at a farm sale. Even though the weather was miserable it was still fun. (Don’t tell Matt I said that.)

I’m always eavesdropping on the conversations going on around me. They’re usually about the most mundane things, and yet if you listen carefully they can reveal a lot about the “culture” on this square of the planet. Today I noticed many conversations that go something like this:

“What are you up to today?”

“Just down here killin’ time.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Now I know better. Farmers always have a To Do list 10 miles long. They definitely don’t have a need to kill time. So to me that response is really about:
(A) It’s an auction and they don’t want to seem too interested, or
(B) They’re here because auctions are social events for farmers but they won’t admit that.

Hay rake
This is the prize we came home with today – a hay rake. Matt assures me it’s a great rake, despite its “rust”-ic appearance.

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2 Responses to Farm Sale

  1. Funny, I think the same farmers must go the the auctions down here, 4-5 counties south of you! I think they must look at everybody funny – I thought they looked at me funny because I was new to the neighborhood and have too much to say… You don’t want to say too much. Congrats on the rake.

  2. Rurality says:

    Men and their farm equipment! I hope DH doesn’t ever find an auction around here. 🙂

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