Spring Is In The Air

Sarah shows off her babies
Sunday was the first day to hint at spring, almost 70 degrees and sunny. The 6-day-old piglets found their way outdoors, and in the sun we could see copper-colored streaks in their hair. My brother says that may be some Duroc in their bloodlines coming through.
They were funny to watch. Sarah would only let them stay out so long before grunting at them to get back inside. Some of them have more ginormous ears than others, some of their ears have yet to come forward, others’ ears stick straight up in the air making them look like a pig version of Dumbo.

Chickens in the sun
The chickens really enjoyed the warm sunshine. They would stretch themselves out so that as much of their body area was exposed to the sun as possible. Couldn’t catch any of them on camera in that pose, though. The red one is a Production Red and the white ones are White Rocks.

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2 Responses to Spring Is In The Air

  1. mel says:

    the piglets are so cute, kelli! love those huge ears they’re sporting. love the “everyday” photos that you manage to capture.

  2. Rurality says:

    I agree, piglets are a lot cuter than I would have thought possible. You are making me want some! Are they difficult to keep/raise/sell?

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