The Best Things In Life Are Free

Today when I went outside on my lunch break the heifers and Fudge were sunning themselves on a pile of woodchips. They’re pretending not to notice me, but see how they have their ears turned backwards towards me? Silly girls.

Woodchips have been a huge godsend to our little farm. In Matt’s work as a lineman he does a lot of tree work during the winter, cutting down dead trees now so that they don’t come down on power lines during summer storms. The trees are sent through a chipper, and the woodchips are free to area residents for the taking.

The woodchips make excellent beds for the cows. This time of year the corral area gets very wet and muddy. The woodchip piles are dry, they warm up nicely in the sun, plus they generate heat from underneath where the bottom layers are starting to compost. They are the cows’ favorite place to birth their calves.

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  1. mel says:

    look how cute little fudge and ms. carmel look! 🙂

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