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How to Cook : Kahula Pork (+ bonus)

The bonus dish, not the kahula pork. Read on. I wasn’t going to post this recipe. Monday I was lacking inspiration, flipping through my recipe collection, and came across this recipe for kahula pork. I’d made it before, quite a … Continue reading

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Ag Speedlinking: 01.30.08

But it makes my pee smell funny “…it had never occurred to me that part of my wife’s objection to asparagus might be because of the fact that she’s never really had good, fresh asparagus.” ***** Red Dog Farm “Williams’ … Continue reading

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In training

Like father, like son. My up-and-coming little number cruncher. I just need to teach him how to use a spreadsheet. 2 years ago: Not that impressive 1 year ago: Winter toys

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Winter's back…with a vengeance

Doesn’t she have anything better to do than run around taking pictures of cows? So, my wish didn’t come true. School was called off today and everything cancelled. We’re under a good old-fashioned blizzard warning until midnight, and a wind … Continue reading

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Ag Speedlinking: 01.29.08

Kirschenmann says agriculture must change to survive “‘We all talk about alternative energy, but I don’t hear people talking about making an energy transition,’ Kirschenmann said. ‘We have to move from an energy input system to an energy exchange system.’” … Continue reading

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Hot water

Chickens & ducks crowd around their daily dose of hot water Twinville commented here the other day about her spoiled hens and how they’d probably be wanting her to draw them a warm bath next. I guess that makes my … Continue reading

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Ag Speedlinking: 01.28.08

On Martha’s Vineyard, Using Scallops as Currency “The concentration of small farms has made the island a model for eating locally in the region.” Hat tip to The Slow Cook for the link. ***** A shift to growing organically could … Continue reading

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She's taking after her auntie

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Installment #6

of “One of these things just doesn’t belong here…” Installment #1 Installment #2 Installment #3 Installment #4 Installment #5 2 years ago: Fine dining at Sugar Creek

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Weekend Linkity-Link: Warmup Edition

We warmed up to 30 degrees today! Nothing like a 50-degree temperature upswing to swing up the spirits. *****Scientists study possible link between ethanol byproduct and E. coli This was the headline of the Sunday Des Moines Register today. I … Continue reading

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