Ag Speedlinking: 01.30.08

But it makes my pee smell funny

“…it had never occurred to me that part of my wife’s objection to asparagus might be because of the fact that she’s never really had good, fresh asparagus.”


Red Dog Farm

“Williams’ energy and expertise has attracted another new type of financial support: an equipment loan from a local couple who recognized the opportunity to support a young farmer while earning a return on their money. ‘We aren’t wealthy people,’ said the woman. ‘This loan is significant for us, but we have utmost confidence in Karyn and her goal.'”


Green gardening: Once you’ve gone bio-intensive…”

“Bio-intensive yields often are four to six times larger than usual, despite using less water, energy and other resources. To test the system, try a 3-by-3-foot plot and compare its results with the rest of your garden.”

If you’re in the northwest, click through the link to see the schedule for several lectures by John Jeavons, author of How to Grow More Vegetables: (And Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains,).


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2 Responses to Ag Speedlinking: 01.30.08

  1. Matt says:

    I use the biointensive methods and they work. Great for city people with small lots.

  2. matt – we use biointensive methods as well, even though we have a good sized garden. But it never seems like we plant enough, so we squeeze everything in that we can!

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