Winter's back…with a vengeance

Doesn’t she have anything better to do than run around taking pictures of cows?

So, my wish didn’t come true. School was called off today and everything cancelled. We’re under a good old-fashioned blizzard warning until midnight, and a wind chill advisory until noon tomorrow. I’ll be praying all of the animals stay warm tonight without smothering each other. School has already called a 2-hour late start for tomorrow.

The wind is howling to over 40 mph. Our house is really cold when the wind blows.

Matt came home from work and did chores as quickly as possible, and didn’t make Madeline come out and help. I’m always thinking about the blizzard stories in the Little House series, where people died mere feet from their house because they couldn’t see where they were walking in the blizzard. Or how they strung a line from the house to the barn so they could get out to do chores in a blizzard without getting lost. Scary! I can’t imagine how cold the log cabin was that stood on this farm before this house was built.

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6 Responses to Winter's back…with a vengeance

  1. ang says:

    Stay warm! Spring is near and before you know it, we will be right back here next year reflecting on the past year.

  2. MommyMommy says:

    I too think of those little house stories, and wonder if we will need a rope to find our barn in the snow next winter.

  3. Kramer says:

    Sorry about the blizzard. Can’t even begin to imagine. I think I would find a way to fatten up good and just hibernate until spring if it had a chance of getting that cold here. I think I just had a chill thinking about that. Yall are true farming troopers.

  4. Ethan Book says:

    It’s even cold down here in the South … of Iowa …We lost all of our snow in that warm spell (up to 60 degrees), but then gained a little back. Hopefully it will get above freezing this weekend and melt. I think it would be nice if we could melt it off and then freeze it up … maybe freeze dry this ground a little. I know that it will be a super soggy spring though!

  5. Susan Sophia says:

    I know this may sound strange, but I wish I could join you. :)I’m out in the Pacific Northwest and a good old fashioned snowstorm sounds lovely. I grew up in MN, but haven’t lived there in 14 years.But then I don’t have a farm to take care of in it. :)

  6. ang – don’t say that! Time goes too fast :)mm – the Inadvertant Gardener also posted about the Wilders and blizzards and rope today. We’re on the same wavelengthkramer – I don’t mind the cold, I just worry about the animals. I’d miss the change of seasons if I were further south!ethan – our snow only melted enough to turn into about 4 inches of ice. Yuck!ss – doesn’t sound strange at all! (See my comment to Kramer above)

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