Weekend Linkity-Link: Warmup Edition

We warmed up to 30 degrees today! Nothing like a 50-degree temperature upswing to swing up the spirits.

Scientists study possible link between ethanol byproduct and E. coli

This was the headline of the Sunday Des Moines Register today. I may have laughed out loud at the gas station where I bought it. We decided a long time ago not to feed this stuff.


El @ Fast Grow the Weeds rants – in a good way – about so-called “obstacles” to gardening.

Eat Close to Home shares her grandmother’s home keeping notebook, which includes a list of what types and quantities of food to put by for one person for the “30 non-productive weeks of the year”. Really cool!

Orangette – a new-to-me food blog that’s a downright pleasant read. Wish my own writing was this poetic!

‘Balcony gardeners’ to revive connection with the earth

A neat little piece on urban gardening in Turkey.


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3 Responses to Weekend Linkity-Link: Warmup Edition

  1. I am just amazed at these link round ups you do. It brings so much more to light that I never would have found on my own? How you find the time to do it, truly amazes me. Thank you.

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    I like your new format, with the links, too. As a former resident of Iowa City, and now a Californian, I love reading about your life on the farm in Iowa. YOUR photos and posts are great (and I enjoy the weekly comments on Orangette, too).

  3. mml – I think I’m just good at Google searches :Pmary ellen – thanks, glad to have you here!

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