You just never know

what each day is going to bring. In my case, I need to learn to avert my eyes from the kitchen windows. Some days I just don’t want to know what’s going on outside.

This particular morning, however, I looked. Do you see in the picture what I saw? Go ahead. Look. I’ll wait.

The harvested cornfield in the picture is not ours. (Oh, how I wish it was, but that is another story for another day.) And yet there’s a critter in that cornfield that is ours. Oops.

At first I thought it was a calf. I headed out, and as I got closer I realized…

…it’s not a calf, it’s…

…our boar Oliver!

You don’t realize how big a boar is until you’re trying (by yourself) to get him to travel in the direction you want him to go. But Ollie cooperated pretty well and soon we were back on our own ground.

I couldn’t put him back in his own pen, because obviously he had broken out of it already and I was going let Matt fix it after work. I didn’t want to put him near the sows, because it’s not quite time to re-breed yet. If he could break out of his own pen he could probably break into one of their pens.

So I ended up putting him with the feeder calves. They got along just fine and Ollie enjoyed the day cleaning up spilled corn in their winter lot.

I think I need to put shades in the kitchen windows and keep them pulled shut!

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5 Responses to You just never know

  1. admin says:

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  2. Patti says:

    Gosh ..for a split second I thought it was the neighbor visiting cow we sold you. She could get over adn through a fence lickity split!…^^^^^^^^^ 15% eh? is htat one one item or everytime you shop??? Hugs

  3. Patti says:

    hahah I just read my post …it’s late andmy dislexia is kickin in…I haven’t been drinking ..promise 😀

  4. Peter comly says:

    I know that feeling. 15 minutes before dark last week a neighbor with strong views on animal tresspass stopped to tell me my cows were on his property. I ended up working a couple of hours in the dark and rain putting up a temporary fence to keep them where they were until it got light enough the next morning to get them home. Then I was still missing 3. After a couple of hours of hunting I got them back in too. But brown cows in a thick brown woods are hard to find.

  5. Patti – nope, she’s been a good girl for us. Quite vocal (or “spoiled” I believe Matt calls her :) but a good girl.That offer is one that’s pretty easy to pass up :)

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