Stockpile (or piled stocks)

80 cornstalk bales, ready for use this winter.

The feeder calves have their own diet of premium alfalfa hay and just a bit of corn. So the cornstalks will just be bedding for them (and the pigs).

The cows & bull usually get grass hay. With the drought this year we’ve already fed all of the hay we baled and have started having to purchase it. The price of hay – both grass and alfalfa – is way up there this year so we’re going to stretch it a bit with the cows by supplementing with cornstalks.

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3 Responses to Stockpile (or piled stocks)

  1. Lisa says:

    What are y’all paying for hay Kelli? Around here horse quality brome is $125/ton, horse hay is $100/ton, cow hay is $80/ton and alfalfa is $130/ton. That about what it is for you?

  2. We just got our hay in for the winter, or most of it. A bit more to come next week or so. We pay $40 a bale delivered – that’s $100 per ton which does include the delivery. This is wrapped small (800 lb) round bales. The pigs were excited to see it as the pastures are just about empty.

  3. Lisa – that’s about what it is around here for large squares, a little less for large rounds.

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