Welcome, Art and Socks!

2 more calves this week, only 1 to go. As we’d hoped, these older cows have this birthing thing down pat. No problems.

Art – because his face looks like it was done with a paint brush.

Socks – because he has white “socks” on his rear feet. Not terribly original, but then again it’s usually a cat or horse name.

This afternoon we did some planting – 200 potatoes, 85 strawberries, mesclun mix, 4 apple trees and 3 raspberry bushes. Madeline was our big helper today, planting most of those strawberries behind Matt digging the holes.

Rafe has been banished from the garden after he un-planted the peas and trampled the spinach bed. He now has his own garden to dig in, outside of the main garden.

The eagles are still around. Matt was within 2 fence posts of one today. At this point I’m wishing they’d move on. We’ll be moving our little chicks outside in just 2 weeks and I don’t want any of them being carried off.

A beautiful, productive, and tiring day. Time for something cold to drink. With alcohol in it.

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